Profil – Baxter EN

Baxter he/him

21 years from Berlin


Woof? Woof??…
Boop! There you are!

Hi! I’m Baxter, a playful and cuddly pup from Berlin.

In the last 2 years I attended Berlin regulars‘ puppy tables and various events. Whether it was going bowling, simply going shopping with pups in the scene, going to parties or going for a walk in the forest.

„Why I’m running for Puppy Germany?“ you’re probably asking yourself.

Being a puppy means discovering yourself. There is no such thing as an ideal of a puppy. Anyone who sees themselves as a puppy is one.

Being a pup isn’t limited by gear or body type. You can also be a pup without owning a certain brand of gear or even having any gear at all. Only the headspace counts. Whether thin, slim or big. You’re a pup at heart.

Stop body and kink shaming.

That’s what I stand for, Baxter.

My goal: inclusion and equality. Everyone should have fun with pup play, each in their own way. This also includes accessibility for pups with disabilities, because they also have a place in our community. Not only in pup play but in general in the fetish community! During my titleholder year, I will work to reduce shaming and fight for equality that includes everyone.

No matter what gender, sexuality or gear or body type!

It’s also important to support puppy individuals in need of help, concerning mental health issues. We as a community need to ensure awareness and have to increase sensitivity to be able to get affected pups back on their „paws“. 

There should also be more focus on the classic pet play with moshing and romping. E.g. we could gather as a community and bring some kind of event back to life.

To go into the topic of body shaming in more detail: We can limit body shaming by paying more attention to each other and to those affected by it. Being more open about it and also addressing their experiences with the topic with admins etc. Exclusion needs to be stopped at the beginning 

The same applies to gear or kink shaming. If everyone just looks the same or wear the same gear it would be boring, wouldn’t it?

Fetish has no limitations. That makes us unique as a community. Whether slim, big or thin. Branded gear or not.

The only thing that matters is who you are.

Be yourself.

As a community, we should make everyone feel welcome! To go into more detail on the issue of people with disabilities in our community:

As already said, everyone is unique and only you count to be part of the community. It also doesn’t matter if you’re in a wheelchair or have depression or anything like that.

We need to give people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in our community, We need to pay attention to accessibility at events and venues. 

We could establish contact point at regulars‘ tables for example, where 1-2 voluntaries take care of people with special needs.We need to show empathy and work on solutions together.

We should work for each other and not against each other!

Now it’s your turn to make Pup play a little better every time. Now your vote counts.


Baxter’s Video is only available in German language.