Profil – Beakz EN

Beakz he/him

39 years from Neuss


It’s me Beakz

a 4 year old, slightly crazy but always good tempered puppy from the beautiful Rhine County of Neuss and I want to be your Puppy Germany 2023!
Because there is a lot to do… for you and for me, so let’s do it!

Right now, we are living in difficult times! Not only because our free democratic order is beeing attacked more and more often.
Assults and exclusion against LGBTI are still widespread in Germany and queer hate crimes are increasing year by year, prejudice comes up again and again, especially against us Puppys.
„A fetish does not belong on a CSD“… „We are perverts“
We all remember Berlin 2022 and the subsequent controversial discussions.
But we Puppys are so much more than just a fetish!

Therefore, it’s even more important that we get louder, more colorful and more woofy these days, that we all become aware that we are not alone in this community and that we need each other!

Together with you I would like to provide and fight for even more visibility of our great community!
To make it clear and distinct: We are also a part of this colorful, diverse and queer world and we can not be banned or excluded!

This fight for more acceptance, tolerance and diversity in our society but also within our own community is my fight and I wanna conquer it with you, as your Puppy Germany 2023!

Beakz Video is only available in German language.