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Benjy he/him

34 years from Berlin Living in Halle an der Saale

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Who is Benjy?
Benjy is an outgoing and curious Shih Tzu.

I’ve been in the puppy scene since 2022. Since then you can often meet me at various regulars‘ tables and other events in Germany. Because of my open mind and curiosity, I connect and get to know new puppies quickly. As Benjy I explored the puppy community in Munich first.
I would like to become Puppy Germany to advocate for tolerance and diversity within the scene Also to encourage each individual to do so as well. It’s about owning yourself no matter your preferences and to show that to the world. It’s about building bridges between generations.

“Come on let’s paint the world.
In rainbow colors, we want them everywhere – rainbow flags“

Lyrics from a song by singer Kerstin Ott. Benjy also wants to fight for that as Puppy Germany. With this in mind, let’s make the world more colorful and fight for more tolerance and equality.

Your Benjy

Benjy’s Video is only available in German language.