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Dragon he/him

34 years from Munich

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Hello my name is Dragon!

„I am what I am and what I am needs no excuses!“

I don’t want to change myself just to become „Puppy Germany“. I’m an uninhibited, honest doggy who likes to irritate and provoke sometimes.

My make-up could irritate some people. But it’s a part of me as being a doggy and also being an alpha.
I’ve been a doggy since 2009 and also chipped. A hood wasn’t important back then, so I’m sure you’ll see me without my hood more often, even though I’m very proud of mine.
Unfortunately, the community wasn’t really important back then either, at least for the others, for me it was. At that time I already tried to build up a pack and unfortunately I failed. But the world has changed now.

I love the growing community among all PetPlayers and support them wherever I can as part of the „Zamperl Bavariae“ pack. In the meantime, two puppies have found their way into my care because they see themselves more as doggies than puppies. But does it matter how someone see themselves?

We all belong together! Together we are strong!