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40 years from Neuss

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Good morning morning morning morning morning.

Here’s Hammy, your crazy, singing #möterhörnchen (a German portmanteau word of dog, man and squirrel) from Neuss. Since 2019 I’ve been spreading my joy as a puppy and since 2022 I’ve been making the world a little fluffier as a furry. I like to spend my free time in amusement parks, dancing or karaoke. Of course I prefer to do that with my pack, my partner and my friends.

I’ve met a lot of great people in the puppy scene, but I’ve also found that the team spirit leaves a lot to be desired. This applies to puppies individually, but also to national cooperation between different organizations/clubs. With my communicative way, I would like to bring the community closer together, both large and small. The community not only suffers from these internal problems, but also from stigma from outsiders and members of other misunderstood subcultures. My goal is to contribute to a society of acceptance and solidarity in which everyone can live self-realized. As your chosen titleholder, I am confident that I can effectively advance this.

With this in mind: Good evening evening evening evening evening and until the election in Munich,

Your Hammy

Hammy’s Video is only available in German language.