Profil – Twixx EN

Twixx he/him

28 years from cologne


Hi! I’m Twixx, the funny, cuddly, playful fox-dog husky from Cologne.

In 2017, I made my first experiences as a puppy and got my first pup
hood. Back then, I was extremely shy, but I was very quickly and warmly welcomed into the puppy community (when I was still Darko). At Folsom Berlin, I got the inspiration to be an MX puppy and so, since last year, I’ve been pawing about as Twixx at various events and  meet-ups. I’m fascinated by the diversity of our community and the immense variety of all of our puppy experiences. And that’s just what we’re all here for: diversity, enjoying life, having fun together and getting things moving.
For Easter, I organised two small meet-ups in Cologne and was super anxious about ending up there alone eating my cookies. But it was you  all who made these events so wonderful and showed me once again what a wild and fascinating community we really are. And it is exactly this community I want to give back to. The community who welcomed and accepted a shy Darko with love and warmth. The community I’ve been having a great time with ever since. The community I’ve gone through highs and lows with. The community that has untold diversity and yet has one thing in common: being a cute, wild, frisky floof-nose.

Twixx‘ Video is only available in German language.