Profil – Velox EN

Velox he/him

32 years from Berlin


„What does the Velox say?“

What does this community actually mean to me?
Through the furry fandom, I first came into contact with pup play through a good friend in 2016 and fell in love with it immediately. As in the furry scene, I wanted to be an active part of this community and push things forward.

Easter 2018 gave me the chance to become part of the admin team of the Puppy Pride DACH group and to take on actively interested people and let them become a part of our colorful world. Over the years I was not only able to get to know many puppies online, but there were more and more opportunities to meet in person and to make friends, most of which have lasted to this day.

This light-heartedness, the great togetherness and a feeling of togetherness is what makes us different, no matter where we are. The Puppy Community is a retreat from everyday life, we can be free in our thoughts and in the game, no matter what our preferences are. We all wish to unleash our inner child and be free.

I live and love this community in all its facets, now I want to give my part back so that we can get closer together again.

Cohesion, visibility and an unprejudiced cooperation must arise again in our own ranks, which is why I want to make Pet/Pupplay visible at as many events as possible, even outside of our own microcosm. I want to expand organizational and club-independent networks and finally close the drawers we’ve put ourselves in.

Only together can we stand up for ourselves!

We all form this community, so let’s break through the boundaries we’ve created and stand up for what makes us special.

Only together will we let our community become part of this beautiful world.

Velox‘ Video is only available in German language.