Puppy Germany 2019 – Thaly

Puppy Germany Winner Thalyp

Congratulation to Thaly, our new Puppy Germany 2019!!! We had two great candidates this year and also want to thank Phil for all his efforts.


We're gearing up and getting ready! The Puppy Germany 2019 election will soon be in the starting blocks. The election will be happening in Cologne during the Cologne Pride Weekend from 5-7 July 2019. Start making your travel arrangements! Here is what awaits you:

Puppy Germany Events

All Puppy Germany events are open to everyone with an open mind, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. The election on 6 July is only open to those 18 years old and up and has a 7€ entry fee. All other Puppy Germany events are free and open to those of any age.

  • Friday, 05.07.2019
    • Meet & Greet : 19:00 @ Amadeus • Vor Sankt Martin 8 — Get to know Finn, the candidates, jury und team from Puppy Germany, as well as your puppy friends during a relaxed evening together at Amadeus Bar. (Free / All Welcome)
  • Saturday, 06.07.2019
    • Puppy Picnic with Finn : 14:30 - 17:00 @ Rhein Promenade — Together with Finn and pupplay.de we are hosting a relaxed picnic at the Rhein Promenade. There you'll meet other human-pupplayers for fun and play. A few refreshments and games will be provided by pupplay.de. Bring everything else yourself. At the end we'll all walk together to the election in the Schaafenstraße. The exact location depends on where we find space in the Park. Simply sniff out your way along the Rhein (see map below). (Free / All Welcome)
    • Election of Puppy Germany 2019 : 17:30 - 20:30 @ Exile • Schaafenstr. 61a — Learn all about the candidates, hear their vision for the puppy scene, see their stage presentations, and then you, the public can cast your votes for who will be the next Puppy Germany titleholder. (7€ / 18+)
  • Sunday, 07.07.2019
    • Cologne Pride Parade : 12:00 @ Deutzer Freiheit Tram Stop, Groups 86/87/88 — Walk together with the newly elected Puppy Germany 2019 in the CSD Pride Parade group from PuppyCologne and Rheinfetisch. Parade setup is along Mindener Straße in order of group number. Come prepared for walking a long parade during summer weather (sunscreen, proper shoes, dress and hydration). A limited amount of drinks will be available to purchase. Details und participation conditions. (Free / All Welcome)
Puppy Germany Locations Map

An event of Cologne Pride 2019 Cologne Pride Logo

Additional Events

Recoemmended additional events from our partners and friends:

  • Friday, 05.07.2019
    • Gentle-Bears Welcome : 21:30 @ Mühlenbach 53, 50676 Cologne — Welcome to all Puppies at Gentle-Bears, the home of the 1st Puppy Germany election
    • Sk8erboyparty : 22:00 @ Station2B — Skater & Sneaker Party (Men only)
    • Xtreme! : 22:00 @ Essigfabrik — Fetish Party (Men only)
  • Saturday, 06.07.2019
    • Sexy : 22:00 @ Bootshaus Areal XXL — Cologne Pride Main Party (Men only)

There are many further events you may wish to attend as part of Cologne Pride 2019. You can find all details in the Cologne Pride Program Guide.

Election 2019

The winner of the Puppy Germany election will be decided by three sources, all equally weighted (election rules):

  • An online vote preceding the election running from 19.06 to 03.07.2019
  • An in-person public vote by those attending the election on 06.07.2019
  • A jury vote at the election by leaders in our fetish community

Our Special Guests

We are exited and pleased to have the dear Sister Rosa-la-ola Grande as our moderator, and our esteemed jury members:

Rosa-la-ola Grande

Jury: Finn
Puppy Germany 2018

Jury: Puppai Buumi
Mr. Puppy Europe 2019

Jury: Aslan
Swiss Gear Heads

Jury: Kawa
Pup Handler



Puppy Germany 2018 – Finn

Finn Finn

The winner of Puppy Germany 2018 and our very first ever Puppy Germany Titleholder is Finn!

We're thrilled to have Finn representing the puppy community and invite you to follow and support Finn's efforts and adventures during his title year.

| |

About Finn

Age: 31
Hometown: Berlin

Woof Woof, I'm Finn, a passionate pup player for 2 years.

My enthusiasm for fetish and my desire to expand the community has driven me recently to actively engage in the still somewhat small German puppy community. As admin of the Puppy Pride Telegram Group and co-organizer of the "meet and bark" meet-ups in Berlin, I enjoy helping pups and handlers get to know each other and make new contacts.

Through the distribution of affectionately designed flyers, I'm working to educate and inspire others for fetish pup play. Being elected as Puppy Germany has provided a great opportunity for me to expand my efforts and reach a wider audience.

Pup play still faces prejudice and a lack of understanding in many parts of our community; that is precisely what I want to change. As your first Puppy Germany, I am working to continue to expand the German community for pups, handlers and the curious, fight prejudice through education, establish pup play as an accepted fetish, and be a jump-start for newcomers.

Your Finn


Pupplay.de is an initiative from Finn to establish a German language pup play community site and platform with the most important events, informationen and flyers for the German speaking pup play community.


About us

Rheinfetisch and a group of puppy and fetish enthusiasts worked together in 2018 to establish the first “Puppy Germany” titleholder in the traditions of the “Mister” fetish titleholders.

Our goal is to support and bring together the queer German puppy community, allowing them the opportunity to elect a titleholder who can represent and strengthen the puppy community in Germany as well as internationally.

Puppy Germany

“Puppy Germany” is a titleholder in the traditions of other titleholders in the queer fetish scene. The role of the titleholder is to serve as an ambassador and representative of the queer puppy fetish community, helping people learn about the puppy community and to support and strengthen that community.

The titleholder is expected to act with dignity and respect and serve as a role model in the community. The titleholder carries the title for one year. As a member of the global titleholder network, the titleholder will be eligible and invited to participate in various national and international fetish events during their title year.

No “Mr.”?

Germany's modern Puppy Community is young, small and very diverse. We like it to express its Zeitgeist - especially the idea of gender equality and the equal status of sexual orientation. Terminologies like male or female don't live up to standards anymore. Humans can only be happy if they accept themselves for who they are, especially as they find themselves as HUMAN. We like to stand up for that. I AM HUMAN - PUPPY GERMANY

The Organizers

Our Sponsor Club


Organizing Team:

  • Douglas Pittner, Mr. Leather Baden-Württemberg 2017/18, Pup Handler
  • Peter Eiringhaus, Rheinfetisch e.V. Vorstand, Pup Enthusiast
  • Hero, Mr. Puppy Europe 2018 Candidate, Pup
  • Don, Orga Pup Extraordinaire
  • Baxxter, Pup
  • Manuel Fricke, Mr. Leather Hessen 2016, Mr. Fetish Germany 2017, Handler


We're happy to have as our partners:

And we're always looking for new, engaged community members and supporters who would like to work with us on this effort.

Starting in 2020, we want to begin hosting the Puppy Germany election in different cities and regions around Germany. Later this year we will have an open invitation for proposals from groups, orgnaizations, or clubs across Germany who are willing and capable of hosting the election in their city.

If you are interested, get in touch!