Election 2023

Puppy Germany Election 2023

We would like to introduce you to your candidates for the Puppy Germany Election 2023! You can find out more about them on the profile pages of the respective candidates!

Online preliminary election is closed. Our 3 Finalists are Twixx, Beakz and Velox (order is random) At this time we can not share any details about the results, in order not to influence the continuing election. The first 3 candidates combine 68.978%. 1.038 votes are registered. Only Joachim and Hero from the Puppy Germany Team have access to the Netigate online survey module. If you have any questions, please contact the team or the candidates.
From 14.05. to 28.05.2023 the community had the opportunity to determine the 3 finalists in the online prelims. The top 3 will then face another online finalist election. This is expected to take place from 15.06. until 29.06,2023

(The order of the candidates was drawn at random with the consent of the candidates)

Twixx he/him
Duke he/him
Dragon he/him
Beakz he/him
Benjy he/him
Lani she/her
Velox he/him
Hammy he/him
Baxter he/him

The judges panel 2023

Kirk he/him
Marshmallow he/she/they
Oreo he/him
Stefan he/him
Stupsi she/her

You can find the Puppy Germany election rules here