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Do you wonder why we have sponsors or an entry fee for the election? We believe in transparency and want you to understand how we operate.

Puppy Germany Committee and Rheinfetisch e.V.

First off, it is important to understand that we are not a club with due paying members, a bank account, or any formal funding. We, the Puppy Germany Committee, are just a group of people passionate about supporting the puppy community.

Rheinfetisch supports us as our sponsoring organization, but does not fund our operational costs.


We have several sponsors. Most sponsors only provide merchandise as prizes for the Puppy Germany Candidates and as give aways for the visiting public at the election weekend events. Some sponsors support us by allowing us use of their facilities for free. Few provide any direct financial assistance.

Ticket Sales and Monetary Gifts

Monetary gifts or ticket sales are the only way we have to bring in money to support the work we do. We use this money for two purposes: to cover our direct costs of putting on the Puppy Germany election and as a fund grant for the Puppy Germany Titleholder. We do not earn any profits from this income.

Election Costs

All labor involved in bringing you the Puppy Germany election is donated in love. The Puppy Germany committee receives no compensation. We do however incur various cost in order to bring you the election. Examples of these costs for 2022 are:

  • Website costs
    • Web Hosting: ~40€
    • Online voting system: 58,31€
    • GEMA music licensing: 64,20€
  • Marketing and Election materials
    • Flags and banners: ~40€
    • Entrance tickets, voting cards, medallions: ~40€
  • Public Election
    • Flat-rate fee DomHof: 149.90€
    • Room rental: 178.50€ 
    • A/V Technical Equipment: 109.75€ 
    • Drink tickets for candidates, jury, moderators: 150.00 €
    • Insurance: 44.50 €
    • GEMA music licensing: 79.50€

Total: ~954.66€

Puppy Germany Titleholder Fund

The Puppy Germany winner also incurs many costs during his or her title year traveling to events and supporting his or her initiatives. The Titleholder primarily pays these costs him or herself. To support the Titleholder we collect money in a Titleholder Fund for them to use for these purposes.

All money we receive beyond our direct costs goes into this fund.