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Election 2022

Congratulations to Oreo, our new Puppy Germany 2022!

About us

Rheinfetisch and a group of puppy and fetish enthusiasts worked together in 2018 to establish the first “Puppy Germany” titleholder in the traditions of the “Mister” fetish titleholders.

Our goal is to support and bring together the queer German puppy community, allowing them the opportunity to elect a titleholder who can represent and strengthen the puppy community in Germany as well as internationally.

The title “Puppy Germany”

“Puppy Germany” is a titleholder in the traditions of other titleholders in the queer fetish scene. The role of the titleholder is to serve as an ambassador and representative of the queer puppy fetish community, helping people learn about the puppy community and to support and strengthen that community.

The titleholder is expected to act with dignity and respect and serve as a role model in the community. The titleholder carries the title for one year. As a member of the global titleholder network, the titleholder will be eligible and invited to participate in various national and international queer fetish and LGBTIQ+ events during their title year.

No “Mr.”?

Germany’s modern puppy community stands for inclusion. In order to express the idea of equal rights for all genders and sexual orientations, the title was explicitly defined as gender-neutral.

Terminologies like male or female, as a Mister or Miss would imply, don’t live up to standards anymore. People can only be happy if they are accepted and perceived for who they are.

We strive to write linguistically correct texts and are always working to improve them. We are always grateful for tips from the community.

The Organizers

Our Sponsor Club

Organizing Team

  • Hero
  • Thaly
  • Joachim


We’re happy to have as our partners:

We’re always looking for new, engaged community members and supporters who would like to work with us on this effort.

If you are interested in working with us or organising the election, get in touch!



Pupplay.de is the prevention and information site for the role play and fetish “Human Pupplay”. Along with the widespread information flyer, it is part of Finn’s German awareness campaign about Pupplay. There you can find all the important information, advice and links to social media and local groups, regardless of whether you are just starting out as a handler, are already a purebred hound, or are just curious.