Profile – Lupo

Puppy Germany Candidate 2022


Age: 32 
Home Town: Vechta 


I am Lupo, 32 years old, from Lower Saxony, co-organiser of the Puppystammtisch Nordwest, in Hempels/Oldenburg.

I came into the Puppy Community in 2015 through the Furry Community. Being a puppy means more to me than just living out a fetish. For me it’s great to let go of everyday life. Having a happy time with like-minded people. Experiencing things that I would never do in everyday life. Through my involvement in Furry Conventions, as well as the Puppystammtisch, I have lively contact with w-wuffs, *trans and nonbinary or disabled wuffs.

I love to romp and play with other puppies, like everyone I love to cuddle. Biscuits are just great, I love them and love to share them with you.

I will be a go-to person for everyone!!! Helping where I can and providing an open ear for your problems. I would like to make PupPlay better known, show people that being a puppy is nothing bad, that you don’t have to be ashamed or hide. According to the motto “Bark and be Pride”.

Give me your vote. I will give everything and not just bark empty words. Lupo will be there for you! Woof!

*Wagging happily – your Lupo*