Profile – Oreo

Puppy Germany Candidate 2022


Age: 24
Home Town: Bielefeld 

A cookie monster?

No, it’s me OREO the brightly colored, playful and somewhat crazy cookie. 

Since 2019 you can meet me as Pride Puppy at Pride events, Puppy events like the Meet&Bark in Essen or other events all over Germany. With my lively and colorful nature, I spread joy and good humor since then. I became a Pride Puppy because the rainbow as a symbol simply fits best to me and my personality. All the colors and facets that are beautiful on their own and together make a much more beautiful picture that you would never have guessed before. Each color reflects a part of my personality. Not everyone likes every color, but I am made up of these colors and only all together they make me. In doing so, this is the message I want to pass on to you:

“You don’t have to be like someone else, only your colors makes you.” 

Puppy Germany is what I want to become so I can bring this message and more to even more Puppies. I want to give others the courage and pride to stand by themselves. To every single color of their live. 

I also want to rebuild the bridges that have become damaged in the time of Corona in our community and build new ones. I would like to strengthen the sense of community, which in some cases has already turned into a family-like togetherness. Especially between the communities of the individual states but also the communities within certain cities I would like to create new ties. Let us build together a colorful world full of infinite wonder. 

Yours OREO