Profile – Phobos

Puppy Germany Candidate 2022


Age: 38 
Home Town: Munich 


I’m Phobos Deimos Schattenfell, a hellhound puppy, alpha of the pack Zamperl Bavariae, leading pupy in Munich and since March 2018 Puppy.

Since then I’ve been involved in the community and PuppyPride as the owner of the Bavarian and Baden-Württemberg regional groups, owner of Puppy Pride Munich, administrator of the main group and leader of the Fabulous Fetish Bar Tour Munich.

Here, after many conversations with puppies, males, trans puppies, mistresses, masters, trans handlers, our other friends from the PetPlayCommunity and the followers of the cultivated fetish, I decided to throw my leash into the ring as Puppy Germany 2022.

In a community that has grown rapidly, there is sometimes a tug on the leash and I want everyone to be happy in their own way and feel encouraged to be part of the community and give each other their paws. Because the community can only exist in the long run if people get involved themselves.

I always say to myself, what does a pup care who you play with, have a good time with, or munch on cookies (or broccoli)? You are Puppy from the heart, even without branded gear or christening. And the handlers are just as important to our community but too often take a backseat.

Unfortunately, there is still hate, shaming and exclusion within and outside of the community and we need strong voices against it! That’s why I’m asking for your vote in the upcoming election, so that I can be that voice for you.

Achieve more together – for one community, against shaming.

Your Phobos