Profile – Scooby

Puppy Germany Candidate 2022


Age: 40 
Home Town: (Ober-)Theres 🐶 
Instagram | TikTok

Woof! Woof! 

I am Scooby, a very lovable and sociable puppy from the deepest (Unter-) Frankenland 😊

I was born as a puppy in May 2020, so I’m just going through puberty and therefore still quite playful… (nuzzle, nuzzle, tail wag…). Before I discovered pup play I was in the sk8erboy scene (Love Soxs & Sneaker too).

Why do I want to become Puppy Germany: 

When I discovered Pupplay as a passion for me in May 2020, I was in a very difficult phase of my life up to this point. I made my first Puppy contacts on Instagram “@scoobydoo_82” (woof, woof) and I really have to say that puppies are different than the typical cliché – good-hearted and always ready to help. Therefore, as a candidate, I would like to be a role model for all those who are excluded from society because of their appearance, skin colour, religion or sexual orientation and encourage them.

Stand up for what makes you happy, don’t hide and don’t let your life be ruined by people who think you are worthless in their eyes.

I am happy to be part of the Puppy community and proud of all my fellow candidates.

Your Scooby Woof, Woof, Nuzzle