Profile – Stevo

Puppy Germany Candidate 2022


Age: 25
Home Town: Cologne 
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I’m Pup Stevo aka Yannik and live in Cologne, my chosen home and absolute love – where Puppies can be as they are – playful, bright, LOUD & PROUD!

Since my entry into the community began at the start of 2020, I was allowed to get to know a lot of great puppies and people.

I have been doing community work for years in another scene, the Looner community. The Balloon fetish is rather unknown and requires a lot of education in order not to be misinterpreted. Many feel alone with their preference and only have access to like-minded people via social media. Unfortunately, even in this day and age, when the whole world is protesting for acceptance, we still experience discrimination and exclusion.

Countless Puppies all over Germany are still affected by these problems mentioned, if they do not correspond to the typical “model Puppy”, who only lives and loves publicly what is generally considered acceptable. Of course, we don’t all love the same things, but we should never judge too quickly because something that others seem to love may seem strange to ourselves at first glance. Even the Puppy Community itself, is not writing on white paper here.

During my candidacy and perhaps later time as title holder, I would like to continue and expand my educational work and fight against discrimination and exclusion. I look forward to a great time with you all! WOOF!

Yours Stevo✰