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Age: 33 
Home: Cologne 
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Wraff Wraff, I’m Thaly, a loveable and very playful puppy, from Cologne.

About 13 years ago, I unexpectedly gained my first experience in petplaying, which fascinated me like nothing before. But at the time I lacked a way to personally live it out properly. Over the years, the way I see and approach it and myself has changed so much. Petplay was always something private for me, something I could never openly share. Then about 3 years ago Thaly disappeared completely in a drawer. I only found people looking for the sexual and BDSM aspects of this fetish and not, like me, the playfulness and joyfulness. Some of you will understand me, wraff!

Last year I was transferred to Cologne, yes Thaly is an German-Army-Doggy and protects our country like a mountain dog, Wraff. There at pride I actually met petplayers, puppys as well as handlers, who are like me, who also freely live out the experience as puppies. Even a very big pack, which has taken me in. There I found a community where I was welcome the way I am.

Why would someone like me want to become Puppy Germany 2019 you ask? That I can’t explain in just a few short words!

Very short: Woof!
In English a little more complicated: First off all, of course, there is the community that has become so dear to my heart that I want to give something back. Second, I’m looking for the opportunity to bring puppy life a little bit out of this grimy and shadowy scene, where many are stuck, so that other young puppies find an easier entry, as I once did.

But the most crucial point was that I wanted to make it clear that there are no limits to being a puppy and that everyone can live it as freely as he or she wants to immerse themselves in puppy headspace. I want to contribute to making it clear to society how diverse and multifaceted we can be as puppys. It is worth it to experience this playful activity just once.

Here is one last small suggestion: We are only free to live out our lives, if we strip off the muzzle which the old structures of this culture and society sometimes try to impose on us. And that is what I want to stand for, with four or two paws.

Wraff, Your Thaly